Handcrafted Wood Furniture

Fernweh Woodworking founder Justin Nelson describes his design aesthetic as “Danish-Modern” due to his incorporation of elements from both the mid-century Modern movement and classic Danish furniture design. For Nelson, woodworking is a labor of love, and that love is readily apparent in every piece of handcrafted wood furniture, from lounge chairs and coffee tables to dining sets and more. The design for every piece of handcrafted wood furniture is completely original, and some have garnered design awards and acclaimed publicity from a number of influential organizations and publications. Production is completed in small batches to preserve the sense of originality within not just every furniture line, but within every individual piece. Fernweh’s Danish mid-century-inspired furniture showcases the vitality of the woodworking field, boldly declaring that the trade is alive and well. While classical influences and methods are still very much a part of Fernweh’s woodworking process, the craft’s ability to evolve is also apparent through the emulation of modern design elements. Explore our selection of small batch Danish mid-century-inspired furniture today to find a unique natural wood piece for your home.