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Get the most commonly asked questions answered

My Home Is Styled With Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Or Danish Furniture. Will Your Furniture Fit Well With This Aesthetic? Who Are Your Influences?

Our design aesthetic has been most often described as “Danish” mingled with “Mid-Century Modern” yet my goal is that each piece is original and stands in a category of its own. Over the years, I’ve looked up to and admired the work of many designers. Sam Maloof’s work is what got me passionate about furniture design. At the time, I just had no idea that what he was doing was even possible! I didn’t have any background in art or design or sculpture. I got inspired by him when I read his book, and I just really admire his legacy and work ethic. After that I did a deeper dive into the great Danish designers. My favorite furniture book is Just One Good Chair about Wegner’s designs. He was such an incredibly diverse designer. Everything he did was beautiful, and I admire how he partnered with manufacturers to make his designs accessible without sacrificing quality. Although he didn’t produce the pieces himself, he had a deep understanding of the technical aspects needed for production. With Finn Juhl, I love how you can just see his passion for design come out. He had such playful, lavish curves and details in his furniture while avoiding any sort of overdone gaudiness.

What Is Your Furniture Warranty And Return Policy?

We offer a Limited Time Warranty. Because our furniture is made-to-order, we do not accept returns. Learn more about the details ofour Warranty and Return Policy here.

Are You Willing To Work With Custom Materials, Like A Different Species Of Wood Or Customer Leathers? Do You Have Any Vegan Alternatives For Your Leather Pieces?

We want our furniture to fit into your space seamlessly, therefore we are more than happy to work with custom wood species or materials. In most cases, customization fees will apply, and we will work with you to ensure that your materials will hold up to our rigorous standards. Due to the request of a vegan client, we began working with felt wool for our sling chair awhile back. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.