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Driven by the search for beauty, we strive to keep the craft of woodworking fresh by producing well-designed furniture with high quality materials. Keep scrolling to follow along our journey of craftsmanship.

Natural Materials




Dear Interior Designers,

We love cultivating relationships with industry professionals whether you’re a decorator, interior designer, or an architectural firm. I will personally ensure that your experience with us is seamless so you can deliver outstanding results to your clients. Navigate to our Interior Designers Page to learn more.


Our unique designs are inspired by the master crafters who laid the foundation for great design. From the designs drawn on paper in our studio, to the raw lumber coming through the workshop doors, until the finish is hand-rubbed on the wood, each piece is masterfully cared for and created just for you.

Inspired by the Past

We listened to the craftspeople who revolutionized the art of woodworking. It is the likes of Finn Juhl, Hans Wegner, Florence Knoll and Sam Maloof who inspire us to pursue our passion. Their creativity and execution was the starting point to our pursuit of creating generational furniture. This is why Fernweh Woodworking was founded in 2015: to build furniture you can be proud to pass on to the next generation.

Credit: Donna Chiarelli Photography

Dedicated to the Craft

Each piece gets touched by three sets of hands, from the turning of the legs, the sculpting of the arms, and rubbing on the finish, we are driven by the discipline of perfecting our craft. Our workshop in Bend, Oregon is where your furniture will take shape over the course of 10 to 12 weeks. Your pieces will be well worth the wait.You can be proud of your heritage furniture, having confidence it was designed and crafted with passion in the USA.

Experience 3D Models


Download 3D Models

The Sling Chair Mod 2

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The Dining Table

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The Sling Chair

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Oxbend Bench

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The Coffee Table Mod 2

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The Coffee Table

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Oxbend Stool

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Ottoman for Sling Chair

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Oxbend Chair, 3 legs

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Oxbend Chair

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Tripod Tables

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