Hi, Justin here, the founder and designer of Fernweh Woodworking Furniture. 

I know you appreciate craftsmanship and unique aesthetics for your home. Whether you are reimagining your living space, building your forever home, or just missing that one iconic piece to define your room, I know you have high expectations. 

I'm just a curious woodworker and designer, and I hope to always feel that way; no matter how much you learn, you should always be overwhelmed and excited by the oceans of things yet to be discovered. I hope to do my small part to keep the craft of woodworking not only alive, but fresh.

Every piece of furniture we craft has been designed by me right here in our studio, handmade to order, and built with meticulous quality over a 12-week process with the goal of remaining organic and handmade.

I launched Fernweh Woodworking's first furniture line item in 2017, called The Tripod Table. It was the first exploration into the seamless joinery that is now signature in all new furniture items. Next came the award-winning Sling Chair. In early 2020 Justin designed the Oxbend Collection.

Whether you’re shopping personally or as an interior designer, getting started is as simple as choosing the furniture pieces and colors you want, and we’ll get started crafting your order right away. My team and I labor over each piece to ensure it meets the standard to define your space. 

Click here if you would like to receive your digital catalog to help you reimagine your living space. 

I hope to talk with you soon.

Justin Nelson 

Designer Craftsman, Fernweh Woodworking