Floating Vinyl Record Shelf

(Includes one shelf)

This Vinyl Record Shelf is made from Ash or Walnut Hardwood. This minimalist shelf is perfect way to display vinyl records in your living room or office. I can make these in either Ash wood or American Walnut (No stains used). Since these shelves are handmade from hardwood, actual wood markings will vary, although I am very selective for the finest grain and natural wood markings when I shop for wood.

Two keyhole grooves make this piece incredibly easy to hang. (Visible in the last picture) I hung one over my work desk in my shop in just a matter of seconds, with no measurements needed. I recommend using three standard drywall screws...two screws in line with one another for the top groove, and then just one for the bottom groove. The wonderful thing about keyhole grooves is that it's incredibly easy to adjust for gaps...simply loosen or tighten the screws.


Width: 4 Inches

Height: 14 Inches

Depth: 4 Inches

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