Dual Hexagon Shelf

This dual Hexagon Honeycomb shelf is handmade from beautiful American Walnut hardwood, which is naturally brown (no stain used). One of the hexagons is deeper than the other, and the two halves blend together beautifully in the middle. This subtle addition adds depth to the overall design.

The shelf can be easily hung in two separate ways (see last picture vs. first picture), made extremely simple with keyholes cut in the back of the shelf. All that is needed for hanging is a screwdriver and two standard drywall screws (included upon request).

This product is made to order, so I will build and ship it within 8 business days. I use USPS priority 3-day shipping. Handmade in Central Oregon. Because these are made from real hardwood, the color and grain may vary from the photos.

Total width: 16 inches
Total height: 12.5 inches
Min depth: 3.5 inches
Max Depth: 5.5 inches

SKU 1052

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